Chances are, if you're viewing our site, you're interested in improving your outdoor spaces. Maybe you are interested in improving your home's curb appeal. Or maybe you have visions of an all-inclusive outdoor entertainment area in the back yard that includes a pool, outdoor fireplace, pergola, and an outdoor kitchen. It may be that you have some of these elements already, but the space isn't laid out correctly so that the areas you have can be enjoyed properly.

We think in holistic fashion, which will take all your needs into consideration. When you meet with our designer, please relay what your priorities are so that we can assist you in designing exactly what you want. These are some of the considerations:


Stone walls, walkways and patios, pool decks and coping, steps, stone details / accents, fireplaces or fire pits


Front entry plantings, foundation plantings, screen plantings, urns or pots


Pergolas, trellises, fences and gates

Water Features

Fountains, ponds, reflecting pools

Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting

Many styles available, some with long-lasting LED technology

Areas of Architectural Interest

Can include various elements from all of the above categories to provide a special accent