While there are many landscape companies available, Lou and Chris's experience has led them to believe that there is another level of service that can and should be offered to the discerning client. Millstone Gardens has been created to offer that expertise in the following areas of landscape maintenance:

General pruning services

Special care given to roses, heirloom plants, and all shrubs. Not all shrubs are the same, nor should they be pruned the same way. Incorrect pruning can lead to misshaped plants, roses or hydrangeas that don't bloom, and even gradual death of a plant. We balance your desired garden style with the needs of the plants to offer an individualized approach to pruning services.

Specialty pruning

Japanese cutleaf maple trees, espaliered plants, and topiaries require knowledge of the particular plant, as well as a practiced and artistic eye to keep them groomed so that they remain the focal points of your garden.

Perennial bed maintenance

Dead-heading, grooming and weeding are offered during the season to keep perennial beds looking their best. End-of-season cutbacks and early spring cleanup are essential and offered as well.

Low-voltage landscape lighting maintenance

Whether it is a burned out bulb, light pruning of shrubs or trees that have grown to cover existing lights, or repair of broken wire runs, we are equipped to handle your low-voltage lighting maintenance needs.

Lawn cutting

We provide referrals for lawn cutting and most other services not listed.